Installation Services

Warranty information


  • Direct Imported Used Engine – 90 days, unlimited miles
  • Direct Imported Used Rotary Engine – thirty (30) days
  • Direct Imported Used Racing Engine – on start up.


All internal engine parts including pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshafts and main bearing, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshafts and camshaft bearings, timing chains and gears, intake and exhaust valves, springs, seals and guides, oil pumps, push rods, rocker arms and shafts. The engines block, cylinder barrels and cylinder head are also warranted to be free of cracks or distortion.

Head gaskets are warranted on start up only, irrespective of the applications as stated in section 1 - Limited Warranty.

JDM Engine Inc. reserves the right to repair with rebuilt or serviceable used parts, or exchange the engine.


  • All external parts attached to the engine, e.g. intake and exhaust manifolds, carburetor, distributor, alternator, starter, emission control devices, flywheel, clutch and pressure plated, water pump, thermostat, belts, hoses, timing belt, timing chain, pulleys, oil pan, etc
  • Labor cost of removal and installation of a repaired or exchanged engine a repaired or exchanged engine to the vehicle
  • Loss caused by insufficient or lack of engine oil
  • Damage caused by abuse, neglect, accident, or natural perils
  • Loss due to improper installation
  • Towing charges and/or freight or delivery charge
  • Loss caused by overheating
  • Loss caused by modification or use for which engine was not originally designed
  • Engines used for competitive racing
  • Loss caused by failure of a part(s) not covered by this limited warranty
  • Tune-ups and adjustments, filters, hoses, belts, lubricants, seals, coolants, gaskets, emission control devices, spark plugs, tune-ups parts, etc.
  • Detonation or pre-ignition damage
  • Repairs performed without prior authorization from JDM Engine Inc

Heat tabs are installed on every engine. If the center of tab is melted or removed, the warranty is void. The warranty does not cover oil leaks, blown head gasket(s), or any other engine damage due to overheating caused by poor water circulation, clogged radiator, jammed thermostat or faulty water pump

Any costs associated as a result of a failed state inspection

Any damage resulting from timing belt failure or misalignment


Repairs or exchanges will not be extended beyond the limited warranty as described in Section 1.

Disclaimer 1
This limited warranty is in lieu of any and all other expressed warranties of JDM Engine Inc. Any warranty implied is limited to the duration of this limited warranty. JDM Engine Inc does not assume or authorize any person(s) to assume on its behalf any other obligation or liability. Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the preceding information (Disclaimer 1) may not apply to you.

Disclaimer 2
JDM Engine Inc will not be responsible for incident or consequential damage arising from loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, or commercial loss, or any other consequential damage or loss. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation on incidental or consequential damages so the preceding information (Disclaimer 2) may not apply to you.

If our mechanic determines that improper installation is the cause of engine malfunction, you will be charged labor, parts and shipping/handling charges.

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights. Warranty information may be obtained by writing to JDM Engine Inc or at

We highly recommend that you make a purchase from our company when you are ready to the installation either once received or within the first week. The reason for this is because your warranty period (on applicable items) will start once you receive your item. Any claim placed after the warranty period cannot be accepted. Buyer assumes liability if he/she fails to report any problems within the warranty period.