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When does a used JDM engine or transmission make sense ?

Japan has one of the most rigorous inspection system which is designed to discourages vehicles from being kept too long. Vehicles have to pass inspection in Japan every two years.  Japanese drivers also tend to drive less much more than North American drivers (9000 km / 5800 compared to 19000 KM per year). Thus if you are seeking a used engine or part to swap in your vehicle, the JDM part will have been through much less mileage and you will benefit from the inspection.

Why buy an engine from JDM Engine Inc

JDM ENGINE INC has a variety of quality used Japanese Engines and Transmission. With low mileage and vigorous pre-purchase testing you can be sure that your purchase is a quality one. We have literally thousands of engines at our hands from Acura,Honda,Toyota,Lexus,Nissan,Infiniti,Subaru,Mitsubishi,Mazda,Saab etc. Give us a call today for more details!

Because Japan is Left hand drive compared to Right Hand drive, not all parts from Japan Domestic Market fit your vehicle. We can advise you what kind of modification you need to make before confirming your purchase. 

All the products displayed in our website are actually available at our warehouse. We also have compression videos on select engines which we post on our Youtube Channel and our website. We are also proud that we offer a personalized service. When you purchase from us, you will receive additional pictures. We give you the serial number and model # of the product so you can verify the product. You get a tracking number for shipping.

Installation and technical support

Afraid that what you are purchasing may not work? Have other questions pertaining to your purchase? Contact us, we can assist you with your technical request as best as possible. 

We prefer you send us all technical questions via email as our phones are only open for orders at this time.